by Andrea

June 2, 2019


I know you put a lot of time and effort into updating your blog but are you giving your readers a call to action at the end of every blog post? Are you leading them somewhere else on your site? Or are you crossing your fingers and hoping they’ll find something else that interests them?

No more hoping for the best!

Make your blog work for you by making just a few tweaks.

1. Add Calls-To-Action to your blog posts. Use Google analytics to find your 10-20 most popular posts over the last 6 months or so. Look for posts that get consistent traffic, not just a spike when you publish them.

Add links to your opt-in bribe within those posts. Add an opt-in box at the end of your post using code from your email service. Or use one of the many free and paid plugins specifically for Calls-to-Actions.

2. Create new content upgrades.  A content upgrade is another type of freebie that ties specifically into a certain blog post topic.

For example:

Your general opt-in gift may be titled, “10 Ways to Put the Spark Back in Your Marriage.” That’s a general title that will speak to your overall audience.

A content upgrade might be titled, “Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair?” This title is designed for a smaller group of people in your audience, those whose spouses have had affairs. This type of content upgrade would be best promoted on a blog post titled, “10 Signs Your Spouse Might be Unfaithful,” or other posts dealing with infidelity and trust issues.

Using content upgrades allows you to promote both the upgraded content AND the opt-in, all in one blog post (like in the short video). But before you have a panic attack at the thought of more work, revisit the tips in Step One for creating your freebie. 

Most importantly: Keep it simple.

3. Become a guest blogger.  Build relationships with other people in your niche (but not direct competitors) and offer to write some content for them as a guest blogger.

You simply write a post on a subject that would appeal to the host blogger’s audience but also one that showcases your specialty. Your host publishes your blog post – along with a link to your opt-in gift – and you immediately have access to your host’s audience.

This situation is a win-win because you are reaching a new audience and they have free content and can take the day off from writing. The mistake many guest bloggers make is not pursuing the relationship after the post is published. Those are the people who are just looking for a backlink to their site and it reflects badly on the writer. Be an attentive guest blogger by answer comments quickly on the post and thanking the host for the privilege.

4. Cross promote blog posts on different platforms. Don’t save all your awesomeness for just one social media platform; cross promote on all platforms where you’ll find your target audience.

Promote a mix of blog posts that incorporate your general opt-in gift in addition to ones that include your content upgrade. Just be careful and know the rules for all the platforms and especially groups; some groups will kick you out for spamming if all you do is post articles and don’t contribute to the conversation.

You may even discover from your analytics that your content upgrade outperforms your general opt-in, or vice versa. This type of tracking is useful because you’ll see evidence of success or failure, which means going back to the drawing board to create another opt-in freebie.

5. Utilize pop-ups.  Pop-ups are a little more “in your face” when it comes to enticing people to subscribe to your list. That’s because many use pop-ups as a last ditch effort to get that subscriber before they exit their website. You will probably encounter one on this website as soon as you land for the first time.

Here’s quick video showing you the different types of pop-ups you can have.

However, you can highly customize pop-up programs so they display only on certain pages or after a certain amount of time browsing on your site. Many have multiple templates to choose from so you can continue your branding from your site to the pop-up itself. You can also review your analytics to see which pop-ups are performing the best. 

You’ll find dozens of pop-up platforms but you’ll have to pay for the ones with the most bells and whistles.

As you can see from this list, your blog doesn’t have to sit idle. Direct your audience to your site or specific blog posts and make your calls to action compelling. If your freebie promises an answer to their questions or problems, then you’ll watch your list grow.

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