by Andrea

May 20, 2019

Recently, I've been talking to a few coaches who seem to be going through the same phase of overwhelm while starting their coaching practice. There is simply a lot of information online, too many gurus, and too many claiming 6-7 figure coaching months. 

The confusion of how they will do the same and become booked coaches is real.

I want to write this post to share with you (and without the fluff) how I am doing it and it seems to be working. 

first tip is: do not get stuck in analysis paralysis .

A big portion of those that get stuck end up frustrated and quit. 

You can’t let that happen to you.

SECOND TIP: do not try to copy every person or guru is doing or saying online.

Trying to keep up with something that doesn't sound like you, doesn't represent who you are, or is unsustainable because you are a team of one versus them having an entire team is going to burn you out and leave you with no results to account for. 

Yes, it is important to do your research, learn, and put it in practice. But overall, it’s more important that you decide what makes sense to you for your business and your personality.

Yes, there are concepts you can try to mimic because they work, but keep an eye to avoid falling into the copycat dark hole. I don't want to say the name, but there is a coach online that thinks she is the younger version of Marie Forleo. It's OK to have Marie as a brand anchor but you must develop your OWN BUSINESS PATH.



This one may put me into some hot waters with others out there, but the reality is that we see everyday examples of clients signing up with coaches that charge $10K or more for programs that perhaps you offer too for $2K or less. I've even seen coaches who graduated from the same school and teach the exact program, but one is booked and the other one isn't despite her lower prices.

Some may argue that experience level is the key, but I would disagree on that one too. I am following a business coach who launched 8 months ago and is totally booked. Her coaching niche is not unique but she is killing it out there.

Why? because she is very genuine. You can see her confidence in every piece of material she puts out there and she is doing her own thing. Her own style and people resonate with her.  

People have endless supply of options to purchase from so it boils down to the only differentiator, which is YOU. If they like you, they will buy from you no matter how tempting other competitors are.

So How Do you Create Your Own Path?

  1. Have a clear manifesto for your business
  2. Define which strategies are you willing to try and why
  3. Define when it’s the right time to try each strategy
  4. Create a vision board with the products and brand you want to feel proud of owning
  5. Use your unique voice to build a quality list rather than a quantity list
  6. Define what you truly like about your competitors and what you don’t like

Now that you have these answers, keep this sheet next to your computer so that you go over it every time you are creating or working in your business to make sure you keep yourself grounded and in your own path.

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