Create An Online Client Portal FREE

No more chaos trying to manage your client's records, figuring out how to communicate with them while staying organized, how to track their progress or finding affordable ways to look professional.

In This Mini Course, You'll Learn...

  • What tool to use for FREE
  • How to set it up, step-by-step
  • How to brand the portal
  • How to use it to offer client support
  • How to create a template to use with each client
  • All this in just 30 minutes!

Mini-Course Duration: 30 minutes approximately

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Course Author


I am a Mindful Solopreneur

I’m Andrea, founder of this amazing Mindful Solopreneurs Community. I am creating this community for the few (not the many) who prefer quality over quantity. Who want to run their business [and life] with tools, strategies, and mindset that simply work. Knock down overwhelm.

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