Well, where to start?

I'll just start...

Hi! I am Andrea.

I have been working in the technology field for the last 16 years of my life. I graduated from Business Information Systems (tech stuff) and also hold an MBA with a specialization in Marketing and International Business. I was fortunate to work in the technology industry for most of my career for one the largest national mobile Carriers and the 3rd biggest cellphone manufacturer in the world. I've held positions from Project Manager to Product Development, Product Manager, Marketing, and my last role was as an Associate Vice President of Business Development. All these roles have definitely reinforced my entrepreneurial spirit and have only confirmed that my soul-calling has always been to follow my Parents foot-steps as Entrepreneurs. 

During my time as a 9-5 employee, I managed my time aggressively and had business ventures on the side. From a Spa in the heart of the city to an online Web Design Agency and Business Consultant. All these ventures have given me the opportunity to learn, make mistakes, learn some more and truly mold the person and career I knew I wanted to be and have. I am a certified Health Coach, Life Coach, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and my favorite one- Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). 

Nothing is in vane when you have a constant crave for personal development. Even those things that I've done outside of the technology realm have changed my life, my health, my relationships, and have given me the skills to now hold spaces for people in different ways.

What I didn't know was that all these adventures would lead me here, to You.

To this online space where I am combining some of my skills, studies, certifications, etc. to help men and women with an entrepreneurial spirit too.

This blog is my way of trying to make difficult things simple. My way of creating easy-to-follow blueprints so that  more of us get to succeed online. My way of creating a community that will be of service to other coaches. A place where we all keep coming back because this feels like home.

When I thought of the Mindful Solopreneurs, I wanted to make sure I could help you:

  1. Finish what you started
  2. Enjoy the journey
  3. Transform your dreams into-goals into-actions
  4. Do not let tech be an obstacle
  5. Have a community of like-minded women that are exactly where you are

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