by Andrea

May 9, 2019

As much as we may hate the idea of putting a business plan together for our new business idea, I’ve come to the realization that even if it’s not a full blown business plan, you need to at least have some sort of plan. This applies to every niche, not just ecommerce stores but service based businesses like coaches.

So let’s talk about 3 things to keep in mind even for the most basic plan…

1. Your WHY.

I know, I know. You’ve heard of this many times now but honestly, every time I’ve hit a block or some sort of motivation loss- nothing beats the punch more than revisiting my WHY. You don’t have to draft a crazy long WHY dissertation, even a simple personal statement that you keep in your purse planner, a sticky next to your vanity mirror, or just somewhere next to your PC will do the trick.

You would think that our why is always present in our minds, but somehow our brilliant brain finds ways to detract us from it ending in an unknown place wondering why even got into this on the first place.

2. Product Roadmap

Whether you are selling a product or service or both, you need to map out an exact plan of what you will offer. Sometimes we know what we want to pursue but when it comes to putting it down in paper, we get stuck because we don’t have more than 1 thing to offer. This is not necessarily something bad, but you must have a clear roadmap of what additional services you will work on developing or adding to the mix so that you can attract customers at different levels of interaction with your brand.

For example, if you get a website visitor that has never seen you or heard from you, you should have some sort of free product to offer him/her so that they get added to your mailing list and slowly but surely make him/her get more familiar with you.

You should also have a product that you charge for but at a price that makes it a no brainer to go for. This will make the freebie client want to take the next step with you and give you some but not much of his/her money.

Then you need to have a premium offer which you want the ideal client to upgrade to because now he/she trusts you and feels comfortable giving you more of their money.

So, as you can see, starting with one product it's just fine so that you get started. Don’t let that deter you from go for it, but make a plan to have a product roadmap strategy in place. Again, this strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. Even writing in a 12-month calendar what and when will each new product be ready will be better than not planning at all. Or having just 2 products to focus on is also perfectly OK.

3. Monthly Action Plans

Let’s start by clarifying that I don’t mean coming up with daily to-do lists. At least, not yet.

What I mean is more of a monthly focus. Define each month what you will invest your time in as opposed to just letting each month come and go without any clear purpose.

For example, June will be your month to focus on growing social media. So do your basic business tasks, but allocate some time daily or weekly to work on growing your social media even by a few more followers. Then July you will focus on creating a mini course. So you allocate a few daily hours to come up with the outline, create the material, etc. The idea is during your work in July, you will not continue to focus in growing your social media since your focus is now different.

If you are like me and need to follow a plan or some sort of step-by-step guide, then check out the Mindful Planner's Club.

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For tasks where you need to stay consistent like growing social media, you can perhaps make this your focus every other month or so. 

By the way..there is a planner waiting for you in the Mindful Planner's Club I created to help with this part.

This way you don’t get bored with the same task every month and you also don’t under accomplish by trying to do many things at the same time. These are the 3 must haves when starting your online business so let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

You will see how amazing it feels to not worry about other things knowing you have a plan to tackle what’s really important in an efficient way.

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